CT Veterans Legal Center

The Need

Our Mission

To help veterans recovering from homelessness and mental illness overcome legal barriers to housing, healthcare and income. 

Our Model

CVLC was the first legal services organization in the country to be co-located, and staffed on a daily basis, within a VA community mental health facility. This location gives the 3600 veterans a year who seek VA’s mental health, employment, housing, addiction, wellness and primary care services at the VA Connecticut’s Errera Community Care Center easy access to free legal assistance. This eliminates transportation and scheduling barriers that would prevent these veterans from accessing programs off-site and creates unique opportunities for multi-disciplinary teamwork between VA social workers, psychologists, psychiatrists and peer specialists and CVLC staff and volunteer lawyers, paralegals and law students. For more information about the CVLC model please see “Helping Veterans With Mental Illness Overcome Civil Legal Issues: Collaborations Between a Veterans Affairs Psychosocial Rehabilitation Center and a Nonprofit Legal Center”

Our Clients

  • Number of Clients:  1944
  • 21% of our clients served in support of Operation Enduring Freedom or Operation Iraqi Freedom
  • 34% of our clients have served in combat
  • Number of Issues: 2983
  • Median Income:  $15,246