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For Clinicians

CVLC welcomes client referrals from clinicians and clinical partners across Connecticut.

For Veterans

CVLC provides free legal council to Veterans through addressing a wide range of legal challenges.

For Volunteers

CVLC's work is made possible through our Pro Bono network of over 200 volunteer lawyers.

CVLC Mission

Connecticut Veterans Legal Center’s mission is to provide free legal assistance to Veterans who are in recovery from homelessness, mental illness, and substance abuse to help them overcome legal barriers to housing, healthcare, and income.

CVLC Vision

Connecticut Veterans Legal Center’s vision is for all military Veterans in Connecticut to live with adequate means, safe and secure housing, and affordable health care.

Above photos: Cesar Rivera, CVLC Paralegal (left), John “Stew” Lahey, World War II Marine Veteran and CVLC Client with Juliet Taylor, Intake and Program Access Specialist (center), and Hilary Browning, CVLC Law School Intern. (right). Photos by David Apuzzo.

To Left: Chelsea Donaldson, Supervising Attorney VA Benefits with Theresa, Army Veteran and CVLC Client. Photo by David Apuzzo.

Connecticut Veterans Legal Center Blog

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Your donation will help us serve more than 1,500 Veterans across Connecticut this year. 

Ali Mohhammad, Army Veteran and former CVLC Client (left) and Delene Falcon, Army Veteran and former CLVLC Client (right). Photos by Desirea Stott-Rodgers Photography.

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